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The Value and Importance of Training Excellence ILM Coaching for You

Welcome to Training Excellence ltd website

If you are interested in having a serious qualification with substance and meaning that is widely recognised and acknowledged for your profession then you have found the right place to be. If however you just want a piece of paper saying you are a coach then there are many other companies that can offer this.

Coaching for professionals

Although ILM Coaching is aimed at business, the core skills we will equip you with can be applied equally to any form of coaching. So if you are interested in the coaching possibilities in business and the corporate world then this is the training for you.

The Institute for Leadership and Management is part of the highly regarded and established City and Guilds qualification

Credibility for Coaches

Many consultancies, coaching practices and companies opt for the Training Excellence ILM Coach training as it increase credibility as a coach.

Coaching changes people’s lives and has fast become an essential skill within the work place and indeed life. It is not only a key concept in leadership and management, but also critical for personal development to achieve optimum individual performance, confidence and competence . In the current fast moving times, accredited training in coaching is needed now more than at any time in the past. There are many fine membership clubs, which have set their own standards, including the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) . However, ILM Coaching qualification is quite special in that it is a nationally recognised certification program.

Academic Rigour

The Institute of Leadership and Management - means:

• High academic standards of training
• A portable certification that you can take into the work place

With academic rigour in place each of our courses has been designed to be highly practical. Using trainers who are coaches themselves, we can offer you practical applications and case studies taken directly from experience of the real world.

ILM Level 3 Coaching

ILM Level 3 Coaching

Bringing passion to ILM coaching is a two way process.

Your interest in ILM coaching is likely to be many fold and our training focuses on the following:
• You have a passion for coaching and developing other people
• You have exacting standards and want the best from any training you take
• You wish to work with professional coaches and not someone who has just read a book on coaching and claim to be experienced

With support each step of the away, including 6 months membership to the ILM exclusive membership site with a range of resources and forum, we will guide and support you throughout the entire training period.

Coaching changes lives.

At the heart of coaching is responsibility – the ability to respond.

Being Motivated

When the coachee realises that they are at cause and have control over there lives, great things happen. As Daniel Pink says in the excellent book on motivation ‘Drive’, there are 3 things that each person needs to have in place to be motivated:

1. Autonomy, the desire to be self directed
2. Mastery, the urge to get better at stuff (stuff is a technical term)
3. Challenge, Master and Making a contribution

These steps of motivation were made implicit when we designed all our training programmes.

Most people want to do a great job, coaching unleashes their potential to achieve this.

As we know from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, when people are motivated they move progressively forward to achieve certain needs. Lower level needs must be satisfied before being able to progress to the next level. Therefore, if an individual or company is stuck on a lower basic level then coaching can be used to effectively move them through to the optimum level of self actualisation. Coaching someone to become ‘self-actualised’ is a goal of the world’s top coaches.

Yes, as with anything you want to master and succeed in life the training programme takes hard work, however, the benefits are worth it and you will gain a great sense of achievement.

To apply for a place on one of our open courses, or to bring this training ‘in-house’

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