Assessment strategy

Assessment strategy

Assessment strategy

All assessment methodologies are results related and designed to provide individual development and benefit both clients and/or organisations.

Successful achievement of the different levels of the ILM coaching qualifications is dependent upon the completion of the required number of credits for each respective qualification as set by ILM.

Where possible all work should be completed electronically using Microsoft Word format (Word 2010 or earlier versions, i.e .docx or .doc format) with a maximum file size capacity of 1 mb in total. Whilst word processed assessments are preferred, you will not lose marks for hand written assessments, which would need to be neat and legible. Although you will not lose marks for poor grammar and spelling, be mindful that this can give a poor impression and it is worth checking your work carefully.

ILM is keen to ensure fair and equal assessment for all candidates to ensure inclusivity. So if you have any particular difficulties or special needs to help ensure you are best equipped to overcome any disadvantage, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Each individual assignment includes the assessment criteria, showing you exactly how you will be assessed together with a clear mark sheet which shows how the marks are allocated. It is recommended that you read the assessment criteria carefully. Once you have completed an assignment it is sensible to then go through that assignment and compare the content with the criteria to allow you to check and review yourself and see if you have addressed every aspect. This will not only allow you to improve on content as necessary, but this will also give you an idea of the mark you are likely to receive.

It is good practice with the assessment material you submit to:

  • Divide it into clear parts
  • Use clear headings (i.e. bold)
  • Use the same wording as the criteria for the headings
  • Make it easy for the assessor to understand the structure

Any questions about assessment strategy, please let us know.

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