Who are ILM

What is the Institute of Leadership and Management?

The institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). ILM works in partnership with approved centres in the UK and across the world. The goal is to provide a high standard of development for leaders and managers at all levels.who are ILM

This includes:

  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Voluntary organisations

Because ILM is established as a leading source of high quality qualification for leaders and management, means that the qualification supports career development and at the same time improve individual performance.

With ILM you connect with leading professionals via a growing membership site. We will make sure that, as part of you studying with us you have free and ready access to this wealth of resources.  Access includes, online learning sessions to enhance your learning and  you will also be able explore and research other areas of interest as you wish.

The wide range of support also includes:

  • CV preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Access to an online journal
  • Articles on management & leadership, Coaching & Mentoring etc

Structure of the ILM Qualification

The ILM qualification is made up of units which has credit value and this means that once you have completed a Unit successfully, even if you can no longer complete the full qualification, you can still have your achievement recorded, i.e.  You will get credit for what you have completed successfully.Institute of Leadership & Management Level 3 Coaching

The key to the ILM is a rich mix of classroom/workshop training together with time spent reading and practicing skills in the workplace, i.e. you will also be utilising the power of ‘work based learning.’

As the you progressively move through the different levels, you will also become increasingly skilled in advanced techniques and ideas.

ILM Level 3 Coaching

ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring

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